Gov. Snyder lauds SMCSI

October 23, 2014 —

Last Thursday afternoon Michigan Governor Rick Snyder toured Hudson’s Southern Michigan Center for Science and Industry, which opened last summer in the former M&S Manufacturing building on Hudson’s east side. The center is operated by Hudson Area Schools.

It was the first time in well over a decade that a Michigan governor visited Hudson.

Snyder said the facility fulfills visions for training the state’s work force, offering an alternative to going to college while furnishing the training needed to fill skilled industrial occupations.

Snyder started his tour of the facility in a meeting with local officials in which he called the center a model for similar training centers across the state.

The need for skilled workers has been a stumbling block for Michigan’s economic recovery, and programs such as SMCSI are seen as a step in the direction of solving the problems and bringing new business to Michigan.

Governor Snyder pointed out that there is a need for alternatives to attending college by having training for skilled trades available. “They’re both equally honorable and equally important,” he commented.

Hudson School Superintendent Dr. Michael Osborne noted that the goal of the center is to make sure young people can have careers in manufacturing, and having skilled workers available will help draw new industry to the area.