Free downtown wi-fi starts

October 30, 2014 —

At the last meeting of the Hudson City Council, City Manager Steve Hartsel announced that free internet wi-fi services are now available in downtown Hudson as the result of an agreement with Free Global Wi-Fi and the city.

The free hotspots, which are located roughly 300 feet each way from Main Street in the downtown area, require no password or access.

Transmitters are located at Brown-Van Hemert Funeral Home, Hudson Cinema and the Southern Michigan Center for Science and Industry on the east side of the city.

Advertising is covering the cost, and the connection will include a link to the city website.

The system was developed by Todd Myers, a relative of Hartsel’s, who recently set up a similar system in Ft. Lauderdale and Key West, FL. Myers said the family connection led to his deciding to use Hudson as a further test of the concept.

Myers told the Council that his research shows the system is a marketing model that brings together the city, small businesses and wi-fi. Most free services elsewhere are either funded publicly, or through a private network. This arrangement is different in that the city doesn’t have to fund it or supply i