Mills Receives Quilt of Honor

November 6, 2014–

This past winter, Quilts of Honor were being made for veterans across the nation by various quilting organizations and clubs. Surrounded by family and friends, George Mills, a resident of Hudson, was presented the Quilt of Honor made by Carolyn Johnson, Marge Duncan and Sharon Krier. George is a former Marine and served his country during WWII from 1944 to 1946. While he was stationed in Okinawa he was wounded and shipped home. Mills was awarded the Purple Heart. He’s been a member of the American Legion Post here in Hudson for 68 years and is still active in the Honor Guard.

George’s son Mike commented: “I am writing this on behalf of George R. Mills, a 91 year old WW2 Marine veteran, who recently received a Quilts of Valor quilt. This morning I asked my dad what he had to say about the honor bestowed upon him. He remarked that the quilt was beautiful and a meaningful symbol of patriotism that he appreciated. Marines are not known to have a large emotive vocabulary.

As his oldest son who witnessed the ceremony, I can tell you that the quilt represents a generational connection to a great world war that upended our society and established a new world order. The lives sacrificed in this effort and the risks endured are to be remembered. Of similar importance to me was the kindness and caring shown by the presenters for a friend who is now an old man experiencing his own war against aging. Their steadfast devotion and respect is something my dad truly appreciates, but cannot always express.”