Science Olympiad team takes state title again

May 6, 2010 —

This weekend your Hudson Tiger Science Olympiad team captured their 2nd consecutive Class C State Title, defeating 2nd place Laingsburg by 54 points and taking 13th place overall in all divisons. Over 450 schools participated in Science Olympiad this year in the State of Michigan and only 48 advanced to the State Tournament. Top 15 finishes went to Jordan Hayes and Ben Sunderman 14th in Ornithology, Emily Ladd and Ember Grames 14th in Trajectory, Alex Messer and Justin Boies 13th in Elevated Bridge, Dan Komarynski and Jackie Raeff 13th Physical Science Lab, Hannah Schoonover and Marissa Timko 13th in Disease Detective, Dan Komarynski and Gryphon Walkowicz 12th in Dynamic Planet, Brie Wilenius and Ben Sunderman a 9th in Meteorology, Ben Sunderman and Jordan Hayes an 8th in Junkyard Challenge, Marissa Timko and Hannah Schoonover a 9th in Bio Process Lab and Skylar Stacey and Sean Murray a 7th in Fossils. Medals went to Brie Wilenius and Jordan Hayes a 3rd place in Science Crime Busters and Emily Ladd, Hannah Schoonover and Marissa Timko a 3rd place in Experimental Design.

A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work and dedication this year, especially the parents and teachers. I would especially like to thank this year’s freshmen, Hannah Schoonover, Marissa Timko, Alex Messer, Justin Boise and Ember Grames for all of their work and dedication the past few years. You will be missed. Thank You!