M*A*S*H comes to Hudson stage

May 6, 2010 —

Those of us who remember inviting the group of the 4077th into our living rooms each week will enjoy a trip down memory lane, while “youngsters” new to the story of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital located astride the 38th parallel in South Korea during the Korean war will get to know some interesting characters. All of this will happen on the Hudson High School stage as this year’s drama class students present M*A*S*H. Shows will be Friday and Saturday evening beginning at 7:00. Admission is five dollars at the door.

The stage play begins when Colonel Blake (Tom High) requires two new surgeons for his outfit. After arguing with Blake and Pvt. Boone (played by senior Raelynn Keene) General Hammond (Briana Green) sends him her two best men—Hawkeye Pierce (played by senior Derrik Marry), and Duke Forrest (played by Devan Marry). It doesn’t take long for the two to annoy Captain Frank Burns (Andrew Bocks) and delight Trapper John (Justin Sumbur), Walt Waldowski (Wyatt Spangler), Captain John Black (Nathan Wilkerson), and the mess-hall cook Sergeant Devine (Cullan Wilkerson). It’s not long before they are put to work as Radar Reilly (Erin Luma) hears choppers in the north coming in with wounded.

The nurses are impressed with the doctors in the surgical rooms, but less than amused by their actions in The Swamp and mess tent. The nurses are led by Bridget McCarthy (Sam Merillat) until the new head nurse arrives. Once Major Margaret Houlihan (Cayla Coleman) steps onto the compound, things are never the same. She tries to persuade the nurses (Bailey Feekings, Brittany Jacobs, Ashley Monahan, and Hannah Schoonover) to sign a petition against the hijinks of the doctors. When they refuse, she determines to take matters into her own hands.

As in the television series, the crew of the 4077th have a good relationship with the local Korean civilians (Jennifer Stoyk, Jannette Marganon, Tonya Morse). In fact, after Ho-Jon (played by senior Chris Brown) is drafted, the boys come up with a plan to send him to America to become a surgeon himself.

Their efforts to enroll Ho-Jon in Androscoggin College are complicated by Dean Mercy Lodge (Jada Bellfy) as she dictates her conditions to her young secretary, Miss Randazzle (Elizabeth Ladd).

Meanwhile, new entertainment has arrived at M*A*S*H in the form of three Special Service entertainers, Mitzi (Samantha Sosby), Fritzi (Kerri Yowtz), and Bitsy (Ashlynn Brooks). The girl’s jeep broke down, and Pvt. Lopez (senior Josh Merillat) graciously escorts them to the compound. The doctors and male staff are happy to see the girls, but the nurses are not so welcoming.

As Hawkeye and Duke’s time in Korea comes to an end, they realize while they will not miss the war, they will miss all the people they have met at M*A*S*H, including Sister Mulcahy (Maria Rising), Congresswoman Goldfarb (Amy Wolf), Lt. Connie Liebowitz (Laura Swander), Major Ruth Haskell (Autumn LaTour), and Spearchucker Jones — Ho-Jon’s ticket to the U.S.

Special thanks goes to student manager, Sabrena Shay for all of her work, Rochelle Frantom in charge of publicity, and of course to our tech crew: Mr. Matt Carpenter, Brandon Snead, Chelsea Fritz, and Emily Ladd.