School board approves layoffs

May 20, 2010 —

At their meeting Monday evening, the Hudson Area Schools Board of Education approved several personnel actions, including the possible layoff of several teachers due to the extremely tight budget situation at the school. Depending on state funding, retirements and other issues, the layoffs may not take effect, but the action notifies teachers that the layoffs are a possibility.

On the list for potential layoffs are:

• Matthew Carpenter – HS Social Studies

• Marcos Gonzalez – HS Foreign Languages

• Holly Riser – HS Science

• Karen Cheney – MS/HS Counselor

• Susan Jerabek – Elementary Counselor

• Emily Mansfield – Elementary Teacher

• Christi Vanover – Elementary Teacher

• Leslie Godfrey – Elementary Teacher

In other personnel actions, the board approved the retirement of Steve Garr – Elementary Physical Education Teacher and Linda Morse, Bus Driver. Superintendent Michael Osborn said that the possibility existed of another two or three retirements, which have yet to be announced.

The board also approved the resignation of Margaret Gibson – 1.5 hour Lincoln kitchen aide position.Lisa Daub – Bus Driver was granted a leave of absence from April 14 through the end of school year due to illness.

In other actions, the board reviewed the budget for this year and the proposed budget for next year. “We started the year looking at a budget deficit of around $600,000,” Osborne said. “But due to some changes in state aid and some other items, we’re on track to possibly end the year with a nearly balanced budget.”

Next year will continue to see tight funding for the schools. Osborne said that another six hundred to seven hundred thousand dollars will have to come out of the budget. “If we can get the cooperation we need out of the staff there’s a chance it can be done,” he commented. “Still, it’s a major challenge for next year.”

In other business, the board approved the LISD budget, although noted several concerns about the budget.

The board also approved a proposal for Granger Corporation to study the schools facilities and develop a facilities plan. The company recently was involved in the facilities proposals that were passed at Addison and Onsted.

The board adopted an eighth grade science curriculum, “Lead the way.” The program will be put in place across the county. The LISD will be providing $32,000 to Hudson in start-up costs and $1.5 million across the county for the next five years to support the program, which hopes to help students seek careers in engineering and sciences.

The board also noted that Business Manager Jackie Bowen has earned Chief Financial Officer certificiation through Michigan School Business Officials.