City budget better

April 17, 2014 —

On Tuesday evening the Hudson City Council did preliminary review of the 2014/15 City Budget.

The city’s income is expected to be better than in previous years, party due to the ending of the LDFA tax district, and some tax abatements ending, along with an increase in some property values. City Manager Steve Hartsel expects the city’s fund balance to be about $135,600, three times better than that at the end of the last fiscal year. It is proposed to save some money by filling the vacant city clerk post and not naming a new deputy clerk.

Some capital expenditures envisioned for the next fiscal year includes:
• $60,000 for local matching funds for the Jackson and Mechanic Street bridge projects;
• $40,000 for design of Phase II of the Pleasant Steet reconstruction;
• $40,000 for a replacement police cruiser;
• $25,000 for a new playground at Will Carleton Park;
• $40,000 for replacing a well and other water department items.

In other items at Tuesday’s meeting, the Council:
• Approved a fire and rescue contract with Medina Township.
• Authorized the purchase of a DPW trail maintenance vehicle;
• Approved an agreement with the Hudson Carniege District Library setting at minimum millage of .075%.
• Approved repair and replacement parts for the Waste Water Plant