City-Wide Garage Sale this weekend

August 4, 2010 —

Things will be busy around the streets of Hudson this weekend as the annual Hudson City- Wide Garage Sale will be held on Friday and Saturday.

It’ll be an exceptionally good weekend for those planning to hold a garage sale — the city does not require permits for sales held this weekend. The city enacted a permitting process for garage sales last year, but the annual city wide sale is an exception to the ordinance.

Event organizer Rob Hall reports a fair amount of interest in people signing up for the sale, and the deadline for any further sign-ups will be Thursday in order to have time to prepare the maps to the sale sites.

Maps to registered sales will be available at many downtown merchants, and Hall hopes to have the map posted on the Chamber of Commerce website,

An interesting feature of this year’s City Wide Garage Sale is that it will also be the northern anchor point for the “World’s Largest Garage Sale,” along US-127 from Hudson to Alabama.

There are always interesting things to be found at the many garage sales around the city, and sometimes there are some real bargains.