Paving Main delayed again

August 11, 2010 —

At one time it was hoped that the paving of M-34 (Main Street) would be done in early July, but the project was delayed again and again. Recently it was expected to be at the end of July, but it turned out that curb ramps that had been proposed didn’t meet the current standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to City Manager Steve Hartsell, the Michigan Department of Transportation had to re-do plans for the curbing work to be done in the project, and that delayed things at least a couple more weeks. Work is just starting to get under way this week.

“What they tell me now is that the serious curb work will be the week of August 16, with milling and paving to be the following week,” Hartsell said. “But I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if that were to slip back another week or two.” It is anticipated that the paving work will be done at night over one or at the most two nights to minimize interference on Main Street.