Bank/clinic work is under way

April 1, 2015 —

Customers at Old National Bank (formerly United Bank and Trust, and once Thompson Savings Bank) are going to be banking in a temporary trailer in the bank parking lot for the next three months.

The bank is undergoing a huge renovation, and will house clinic functions formerly at Thorn Health Center.
Pat Gilpin, branch manager for Old National, explained that the bank is going to be partitioned into two separate units with a verstibule at each end. The east side of the area will continue to be the bank, on the drive-through window side of the building, with new bank offices located on the south end in an area formerly occupied by tellers.

Gilpin said that the bank will occupy slightly less than half the area, and that she expects that the bank will be moving into their new area by June 30. It is expected to take somewhat longer for the conversion of the west side of the interior of the building into the new health clinic.

The move of the clinic to the downtown location will mean that there will no longer be any occupancy at the former Thorn Hospital. Dr. Jonna Schmidt, formerly located in the Thorn building, moved to one of the former Hudson DOC buildings next door last fall. Accelerated Physical Therapy, formerly Gary Gray Physical Therapy, moved from Thorn last year and is now located at the Market House.

It is anticipated that once the Thorn building is empty that the owners, Promedica Inc., will be tearing the structure down.

Thorn Hospital was built in the 1960s after a considerable amount of community involvement. It served as a hospital until the early 1990s, when a combination of factors made it uneconomical to operate. It has operated in the clinic mode ever since, with much of the building unoccupied.