Post-Gazette staffer Pauline Garr retires

August 25, 2010 —

Things were a great deal different in Hudson almost fifty years ago, when Pauline Garr first went to work as an advertising salesman for the Post-Gazette back in 1963. There was a greater variety of businesses in Hudson, and few of them have survived in the same form over the time she was a fixture at the paper. In that time, she saw a lot of things happen to the town, some good, some bad.

Last week, that long history came to an end, as she decided that the time had come to bring an end to her long career, partly due to health issues. For the last several years she’d been a part-time bookkeeper at the paper, and with her goes the elegant handwriting she put on all the subscription and advertising bills.

Post-Gazette publisher Wes Boyd said, “It won’t be the same place without her around, that’s for sure. She’s been a very valuable staff member all through her long tenure at the paper, and her encyclopedic memory of past events and knowledge of the community has long been a valuable resource for us. I suspect we’ll be calling her up for years to come to get a quick answer to some question from out of the past.”

Pauline has three children; two sons, Steve and Rick Garr, still live in Hudson, while her daughter, Debbie Moyer, lives in Virginia. She says she has some hopes of spending some time with her daughter over the course of the next few months.

“We’re going to miss her,” said Post-Gazette Business Manager Amanda Boyd. “She’s was around the paperwhenI was little and it won’t be the same to not have her here.”