Power substation rebuild planned

September 8, 2010 —

Hudson City Manager Steve Hartsel said Tuesday that he met with local Consumer’s Energy representative Barb Mitsell on Friday to discuss plans for a major rebuilding of the Hudson substation, possibly in the second half of next year.

“The station is nowhere near capacity,” Hartsel said. “But it’s old, and the reliability is becoming an issue. We’re looking at having it rebuilt with up to date technology.”

There’s still a lot to be done before a final decision and scheduling of the work, including final design, and informing the Hudson City Council, which probably will take place about the first of the year, Hartsel said.

Electric power reliability in Hudson has been declining in recent years, at least partly due to the age of the substation. During hgh winds last Friday and Saturday several brief outages were reported around town, at least partly due to the aging power grid.

“This is good news for Hudson,” Hartsel said. “This will get our electric power more current.”