Beecher Road closure east of Clayton could be long term

October 20, 2010 —

The Lenawee County Road Commission last week closed Beecher Road between Hutchison and Whaley Highways about a mile and a half east of Morey Highway due to a recent inspection that showed the deteriorated conditions of the abutments of a small bridge.

A spokesperson for the Road Commission said that the closuure could be for “quite a while” and that it certianly would not be repaired this year. It might be several years before it’s repaired or replaced.

Whether the bridge is repaired next year will depend on budgets. Since Beecher is a county primary road, the financially strapped Lenawee County Road Commission will responsible for the repair and replacement.

The commission’s spokesperson said that the situation with this bridge is not like the Benner Highway Bridge just off M-34 three miles east of Clayton, which has been closed for several years. That closed bridge is larger, and grants are being sought to replace it.

Since the Beecher Road bridge closure is new, no decisions have been made of how to replace it or what the costs would be.