Daugherty, Smoke back to council

November 3, 2010 —

Six hundred thirteen voters in Hudson showed up at the polls Tuesday, and among everthing else returned incumbents Lee Daugherty and Dennis Smoke to seats on the Hudson City Council. The vote was Lee Daugherty 349, George Minton 272 and Dennis Smoke 351.

Other votes from around the area are as follows:

Clayton elected all candidates seeking office. Elected to non-partisan two-year terms were City President Mark Jeffrey received 42 votes, clerk Lynette Davis gained 44 votes and treasurer Lois McNeil received 46 votes. For the three open four year term seats, Paul Burcroff received 34 votes, while Stephen DeLine and F. Denver Hedge each got 36 votes.

Hudson Township elected the formerly-appointed Township supervisor Matthew Smith with 417 votes to a partial term set to expire in November of 2012.