Attorney Beth Wolf coming to Pittsford

November 17, 2010 —

After completing her studies at the Michigan State University College of Law, Beth Wolf will be bringing her legal expertise back to the area as she prepares to open an office located in Pittsford.

Wolf is the daughter of Dr. Leland and Cyndi Wolf. Dr. Wolf has been a general practice family physician located in Pittsford; his wife, Cyndi, is a teacher at Onsted and has been the director of the Hudson Cantata for many years.

Born and raised in Hudson, she attended Hudson Area Schools from pre-school until 10th grade, at which time she transferred to and graduated from Onsted High School in 2003. She went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree at University of Michigan with a dual-major in history and Spanish.

After the completion of her JD at Michigan State University in May of this year, she applied for and passed the Michigan Bar Exam in July, and is now licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan.

Wolf is setting up her practice within the same building as her father, Dr. Leland Wolf, at 9078 Rail Street, but the businesses will be two totally separate businesses. She will be practicing general law, which includes but is not limited to probate law (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, estate planning), real estate law (drafting of leases, addendums to leases, contracts between parties), family law (adoptions, divorces), some very limited criminal law (DUIs and other minor offenses), and is very interested and has experience in personal injury law, especially worker’s comp. She also hopes to use her Spanish language abilities to assist clients who speak primarily Spanish. “This is going to be a general law practice,” Wolf said, “and I hope to be able to assist people with all kinds of problems.”

Office hours are still to be determined, but at this point are by appointment only. However, Wolf says that she will have the flexibility to be in Pittsford whenever she needs to meet with a client to best serve their needs. “I have complete flexibility,” she said, “which is going to be key in making this work. I can attend any important court date or meeting that my clients will need me for.”

Wolf is very excited to be returning to the Hudson area. “My father has said that this is a really great community to be in, work in, and be a part of, and so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to serve and provide legal services to members of this community.”

She has been a member of the Christmas Cantata almost every year since its inception as a member of the orchestra playing alto saxophone, even while she was attending college and graduate school. Wolf is also active in the Hudson Congregational Church, where she has attended services since she was a child.

As an added benefit to working in Pittsford, Beth will be able to spend more time with her family. “My immediate and extended family are all located here in the Hudson area, and they’re incredibly important to me.”

Ms. Wolf’s office hours are by appointment. She can be reached at (517)523-2127, and her office is located at 9078 Rail Street, Pittsford. Check her website at