Local company develops radical engine design

November 17, 2010 —

TSR TECHNOLOGIES founders Steve Raymond, Jerry Randolph and Reed Frank with their patented valve technology at the trade show in Louisville last month, where they showed off their invention.

A local company, TSR Technologies, recently premiered its innovative engine design that may be a breakthrough in green technologies at the GIE Expo in Louisville, KY, the largest trade show for outdoor power equipment in the industry.

The company, with engineering and manufacturing facilities located in Montpelier, OH and showrooms in Pittsford, MI, was founded in 2004 and was recently awarded two US Patents for their groundbreaking new engines, and has been developing new engine system designs that have surprised leading small engine companies like Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Subaru, Kohler, and many more. The company’s founding and continuing philosophy states that, “We can no longer power the world through traditional means. We have to find new ways to provide clean, renewable energy powered engines. TSR is dedicated to the task of providing an alternative to conventional engines through technology.”

The owners, Steve Raymond of Montpelier, OH, Reed Frank, of Pittsford MI, and Jerry Randolph, of Hudson, MI, have been long-time community business owners. Raymond is the owner of Raymond’s Tool & Gauge Llc; Frank owns Reed’s Lawn Equipment Sales and Service, and Randolph is the owner of Randolph’s, Inc, a building and remodeling company.

The company has been developing two engines — a hydrogen rotary-powered engine system, and the 1valve system. “We started out by researching a way to make an engine that would basically run exclusively on hydrogen,” said Reed Frank. An important benefit of using hydrogen as a fuel-source is that it doesn’t contribute to pollution, as the majority of the byproduct is water vapor.

The company started out with a rotary engine, basically because a piston-type engine couldn’t run hydrogen because of the transfer of fuel under the oil and the danger of explosion. “Our engine negates all that,” he continued. “We’re about 3/4s of the way through development, but in the meantime we put our heads together on a number of different ideas, and came up with a 1valve idea.”

The 1valve system is a 4-stroke small-engine that uses only one valve for intake and exhaust, rather than the usual 2-5. By enlarging the valve, the horsepower is increased and decreases the emissions, and allows the engine to run cooler and more efficiently than common engines and prevents a lot of carbon buildup on the valve, which contributes to the failure of normal engines. The intake and exhaust valves are made out of carbon fiber, which allow it to work because of the flexibility and heat resistance of the material. There are fewer moving parts, which means fewer parts that can break. The resulting engine is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than a typical engine, and is capable of being enlarged to drive any piston-driven engine. It can also run on a number of different fuels, anything from E-85 to propane. It’s also low-cost, which means that it will be accessible to regular consumers, rather than some custom engine designs that continue to price many consumers out of access to them.

“We didn’t want to discontinue the crank-shaft type engine; we just wanted to work off that,” continued Frank. “We’ve created a head that can integrate into any other small engine to be efficient.”

“Small engine technology and engine operations has changed very little over the past forty years,” says Jerry Randolph. “When we built this 1valve head and applied it to a Briggs and Stratton engine, it ran the very first time we tried to operate it. Usually when people run something for the first time, something breaks down or something needs a change or a tweak, but this ran the very first time, which was very big.”

TSR Technologies is intending to develop a whole new engine system for the market rather than developing a single engine for the market — that’s why the company is called TSR Technologies Advanced Engine Systems.

“The trade show was really very exciting for us. We had our engine displays up so that the end-user as well as the manufacturer could take a look at it,” said Jerry Randolph. The trade show itself was a targeted trade show that only allows manufacturers, distributors, and/or those involved in a dealership entrance, so the company was targeting a very special interest group. “We had our second prototype of the 1valve up for display with a cutaway view to show our 1valve and our reed valve for intake and exhaust concepts, so you could see the head working. That way, people could see it move and how it operated. A lot of engine manufacturers were very interested in what we were doing,” said Randolph.

The company is working to create a new market for their product, and has already been contacted by several major companies as well as the US Military and even Orange County Choppers, who considered creating a motorcycle based on the engine design.

Additionally, TSR Technologies is especially interested in creating new jobs in the local area. “We’re trying to keep this as close to home as possible, and we all know we need that. We’re from this area, we went to school here and most of our friends and family are here in this area. We want our community to be able to benefit from this as well. This is such a good place to live.”

The company is also interested in manufacturing their products locally. “There are lots of local manufacturers who should take a look at our products who can contribute to the production, be it through the manufacturing of components or through the design. These people can certainly help us to get it to the market, and there’s plenty of manufacturers around here who can help us put this together,” said Randolph.

To learn more about TSR Technologies LLC, they can be found at http://www.1valve.com