Council approves sale of lots for restaurant

November 10, 2010 —

At the most heavily attended meeting of the Hudson City Council in years, the council approved the sale of the city owned lots at 214 and 216 W. Main Street to Dennis and Pam Smoke, who intend to open a new restaurant, Rumors, Inc.

The meeting drew much attention because the Rumors bid of $5002.12 for the property was slightly smaller than a bid of $5005.00 made for the same property by Jami and Jason Perry, owner’s of Skip’s, and Matt and Joann Shaffer, owners of Butch’s Tavern.

The two lots, vacant since a 1998 fire, had been developed by Council in 2000 as a green space, but with the stated intent at the time to resell them for development at a later date. “The improved lots,” said City Manager Steve Hartsel in a memo to Council read at the meeting, “Are not actual parks, such as Will Carleton or Webster Parks. The lots have remained zoned C-1 Commercial.