City buys new fire truck

December 22, 2010 —

After considerable debate about the procedures involved, the Hudson City Council at their meeting Tuesday night approved the purchase of a new $360,000 fire truck.

The action came after the Council at their last meeting rejected a recommendation from City Manager Steve Hartsel to purchase a different truck. At that time, firemen complained to Council members that the proposed truck did not meet the department’s needs. Acting Fire Chief Jerry Tanner Jr. was ordered to bring a new recommendation to this week’s meeting.

The truck accepted Tuesday evening was a different truck that had been recommended by the department. It is already nearing completion, and should be ready for delivery about the first of February.

The city will pay $60,000 from income tax and $60,00 from he fire budget. The balance of $240,00 will be loaned to the city by the Local Development Finance Authority, to be paid back over ten years. The LDFA will also be funding $44,500 to equip the truck.

There was a competing bid for a slightly lower figure, but a comparison sheet prepared by Tanner indicated that the bid was for a less capable unit. Still, having a recommendation made without a formal bidding process caused considerable discussion before the Council voted 6-0 to approve the recommended purchase.

The council also approved scheduling a hearing on January 4 regarding the discharge of former Fire Chief Brian Gerig.

In other business, the council voted to approve a contract with Fleis and Vanderbrink Engineers for $30,600 development of the Jim Findlay Trail bridge over the Garrison Drain. The city has receved a grant of $90,000 to fund the bridge, with local matching funds provided by the LDFA up to $50,000. Work should begin on the project next summer.