Debate teams compete

December 29, 2010 —

This is the Hudson Novice Tournament Team. Front row, left to right: Josh Barnhart (11), Bailey Feekings (10), Elliott Lockhart (10), Alex Messer (10). Back Row, left to right: Elisabeth Walter (9), Cayla Coleman (10).

High School Debate Teams from Adrian, Blissfield, Hudson, Lenawee Christian, and Onsted held a two-day tournament on December 16 and 17. Students competed affirmative or negative on the issue set by MIFA, the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association: “Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its military and/or police presence in one or more of the following: South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey.” At the novice level, teams from Hudson (represented by Alex Messer and Elliott Lockhart) and Lenawee Christian (represented by Brandon Gurney and Grant Hohlbien) competed in the final round, with Lenawee Christian winning the first place trophy. At the varsity level, James Germain and Trevor Hissong from Adrian competed against Alyse Long and Ben Hardy from Lenawee Christian. After a well-balanced debate, Adrian’s team won the varsity first place trophy.

Top speaker ribbons from the scrimmages this season were awarded to Hudson students: (novice): Katie Benschoter, Cayla Coleman, Bailey Feekings, Dan Komarynski, Liz Ladd, Devan Marry, Nick Raeff, Hannah Schoonover, Elizabeth Walter; (varsity): Andrew Bocks, Jake Lancaster, Jannette Marganon, Meiko McDaniel, Nathaniel Osborne

Top speaker plaques, based on total points earned this season, were awarded at the varsity level to: Ian MacNally (Adrian), Grace Green (LCS), Andrew Bocks (Hudson), Ben Hardy (LCS), and James Germain (Adrian). Plaques at the novice level were given to: Cindy Geer (Blissfield), Cayla Coleman (Hudson), Katie Kimmelman (Blissfield), Brandon Gurney (LCS), Danielle Davis (Blissfield), and James Stump (Blissfield).

Ninety-five high school students participated in the debate program this season. Preparation for the season included research and reading on the topic, learning a “new debate language”, and developing abilities in: logic, reasoning, fundamentals of supporting a claim or position, how to work with a partner and organization. Developing critical thinking and extemporaneous speaking skills are also an important part of the work. The coaches worked diligently with students this season, helping them master and display their public speaking talents.