Schools plan $8.3 million bond issue

January 12, 2011 —

Hudson Area Schools’ bond issue is entering phase 2 after the recommendation was approved by the School Board in preparation for it to be placed on the May 3, 2011 ballot.

Phase 2 is intended to assist the Hudson Board of Education in communicating the specifics of the bond proposal to the community. “We want to make sure we get feedback on these proposals from the community,” said Dr. Michael Osborne, superintendent of the schools. “The projects that make up this bond are very basic projects that are repairs and improvements. We took all the dreams that we wanted to have for the district and pared them down to the basic necessities, and we want the community to know just how important these things are.”

The bond proposal will be for 2.5 mills, which is roughly 8 million dollars. Hudson’s debt level is one of the lowest in the county, with a millage rate of 2.78. Only Blissfield and Madison have lower millage rates. The impact felt by homeowners should be limited; for example, if your home is worth $100,000, your annual cost will be $125, or 34 cents a day, less than a cup of coffee.