Council defers action on manager charges

January 19, 2011 —

The Hudson City Council, at it’s meeting Tuesday evening, decided to not take any action about the accusations and allegations against Hudson City Manager Steve Hartsel, pending legal action.

Hartsel took no part in the discussion, which took place in front of a standing room only crowd, other than to say that a plea of not guilty had been entered on his behalf, and that his attorney had directed him not to answer questions or comment further on the allegations against him.

The charges involve allegations of indecent exposure in an incident in Adrian last month.

Council member Ed Engle then read a statement, which said in part: “A person accused of any crime — large or small — is presumed innocent until proven guilty in an appropriate Court of Law. Not tried in the newspaper; not tried by blog; not tried in the Court of Public Opinion; and not judged by knee-jerk reaction, gossip or innuendo. Presumptive Innocence simply means that Mr. Hartsel will — by right as an American citizen — remain innocent until proven guilty. It is also his Constitutional right to be faced by his accuser and to defend himself with the support of legal council. He is today an accused person; not a guilty person; and he will remain innocent until a judge or jury renders him otherwise by their verdict.”