First things first

January 26, 2011 —

Tiger head football coach Chris Luma has picked up several post-season coaching honors this winter. One that he could not literally pick up was one last Friday night at Kalamazoo. Luma was selected by the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association (MHSFCA) as its Division 7 Coach-of-the-Year. He won the same award held in Battle Creek last season. He also was picked as Region 10 Coach-of-the-Year this winter like last year by the MHSFCA.

Last year he was in Battle Creek to accept the awards at the annual MHSFCA coaches clinic and convention. He planned to be there this year to accept the coaching awards for his Tigers on their recent championship season taking the Division 7 state crown.

Luma was set to go but things got rearranged when daughter, Sarah, a senior, was named to the winter homecoming court. Coach Luma had to put family first in staying home and not attending the MHSFCA event on Friday night at Kalamazoo. His brother, Pat, a former Tiger gridiron great and 1973 all-stater, who lives in the Kalamazoo area was there to accept the coaching honor for Chris. “It was a no-brainer in staying here to escort my daughter for the homecoming festivities,” noted head coach Luma, who mentioned. “You don’t get do-overs or second chances to experience a child involved in something like this. I was very happy to pass up the award to be with Sarah.”

Luma also mentioned about the award that it was a reflection of the team’s success and the help he had from his great coaching staff of brother Mark along with Danny Rogers the orchestrator of Danny’s D that led the team to the state title win.

Luma’s brother’s Pat filled in nicely in K-Zoo and yes, back home it all worked out for the Luma family quite pleasantly as Sarah was named the winter homecoming queen for 2011.