Lift station rebuild gets under way

February 16, 2011 —

The break in the weather means that the work of rebuilding the Jackson Street lift station has been able to get under way. The project, which will replace the aging lift station, will cost $370,000. Eighty percent of this figure is funded by a federal community block grant administered through the state. The $80,000 required in matching funds will be paid out of the city income tax fund.

City Manager Steve Hartsel said that the existing station is functional but is aging structurally and electrically. “There are much better pump motors and control systems available now,” he commented.”This will give us a more reliable and efficient unit.”

The bulk of the north part of the city is serviced by this station.

The project will consist of the construction of a brand new lift station next to the existing one. It will involve having to construct a 50-foot deep well to house the station which will have a pair of variable speed electric pumps, a new electronic control panel.

The project will also include the relining of the sewer line northwestward from the station along the stream as far as point near West Street. The relining ill address any infiltration issues where there may be water from the creek getting into the system.

“This will enhance the city’s ability to treat waste water,” Hartsel said. “This will give us increased reliability at a lower cost and do it much more efficiently and safely.”

It will be several weeks before the construction part of the project is completed, Hartsel said. The cosmetic and site restoration work needed on the site should be completed in May. The work is being done by Balkema Excavating of Kalamazoo.