Snow days confusing

February 9, 2011

Students at Hudson Area Schools have gotten a lot of time off due to bad weather this year, but the jury is still out whether and when they’re going to have to make some of it up.

In recent years, all the students had to accomplish was 1098 hours of time in school — but a recent change mandated by the state calls for students to attend school at least as many days as they went last year, and still get in the required 1098 hours.

With the days lost due to the storm last week, it’s now projected for the school to have one less day of school time than required, and the school administration is trying to figure out how to make it work so that students would not have to come back for a half day on the Monday after graduation. One possibility under consideration is using part of a “professional development” day set for February 25. However, school superintendent Mike Osborne said that at the moment that’s not a done deal, and that there are other possibilities. Using that time could also complicate the required number of professional development hours.