Plans to reopen Metalloy plant fail

February 3, 2011 —

Plans to reopen the old Metalloy plant on Main Street have fallen though, Hudson City Manager Steve Hartsel announced Monday.

Hartsel said that work had been going on for a year or more to arrange for Ken Rose to purchase the building, and bring in equipment from Rose’s plant in Kalamazoo to restart production at the Hudson Financing.

However, the necessary capital funding could not be arranged, and the plans had to be dropped. “It was very, very close,” Hartsel said,” But it just didn’t work out.”

Financing for the project included a $47,000 loan from the Hudson Downtown Development Authority. Those funds would have been used for providing an environmental cap for the project to meet government regulations. The money will not now be spent and will be retained by the DDA.

Parke-Ohio, the parent company of former plant management General Aluminum, has taken back control of the building and is seeking another purchaser, Hartsel said.