Sacred Heart’s bell rings again

April 27, 2011 —

Sacred Heart’s Angelus Bell rings to remind all that hear it that Christ’s Love is alive in Hudson.

You may have seen it, but if you haven’t, Phil Marry is showing you Hudson’s very own 52″ diameter solid cast bronze bell in the North spire of our Sacred Heart Church. Beside him in the above photo is the eight foot diameter wooden pulley that swings the bell when it is rung.

After the bell’s structure was reinforced in December, and the controller was replaced, Sacred Heart’s Angelus began ringing again on Palm Sunday.

The work began in the fall by project leaders Phil Marry and Gary Grueneberg with an inspection of the entire bell system. Part of the beams that held the bell in place had deteriorated and additional supports were needed. On a wet but warmer day in December Corey, Rick and Lucy Oldfield, Perry Stein, and Phil Marry installed the extra reinforcements.

The mechanical clock that operated the angelus unit had worn out and was taken out of service in 2003. It had been operating since 1952. The clock’s switches had turned the bell on and off over 55,000 times and the springs were very weak. The clock was replaced with an electronic timer that even keeps it’s program and time setting through power outages. Levi Natzke made the faceplate and back plates to house the timer and electronic circuitry in the new control cabinet. After Phil and Gary installed the controller Gary asked Phil when we should start the Angelus. Phil said. “Why not today?” and after the timer was programmed and started, at 6:00 PM Palm Sunday the Angelus began ringing again.

There are many people who helped make this happen. The project included individuals that helped fix the bell structure, provide monetary support, make parts for the new bell controller and/or provide technical expertise. The group is thankful for these individuals: Perry Stein, Corey, Lucy and Rick Oldfield, Levi Natzke, Ed Engle, and Steve Brennen.