Shootings leave one hurt, one dead

April 19, 2011 —

Domestic violence is believed to be at the heart of two shooting incidents Monday afternoon, which left a Hudson woman hospitalized in one incident and her ex-husband dead in a second several hours later.

Hudson Police were called to the residence of Angela Clark, 27, at 214 N. Church Street in Hudson about 3:00 on Monday afternoon, where they found Mrs. Clark in her vehicle, which had its windows shattered by gunfire.

Initial calls to police were made by neighbors

Neighbors stated that Mrs. Clark had been getting set to pick her children up from school when she was allegedly fired upon by her recent ex-husband, Scott Allen Clark, 37, of Church Road, in Hudson. She was in her vehicle at the time; her assailant was reportedly waiting for her in his vehicle; he reportedly fled in the vehile after the incident.

The Hudson Ambulance was called to the scene of the shooting on North Church Street. Mrs. Clark was taken to the Hillsdale Community Health Center and later taken to Mercy Hospital in Toledo by Life Flight Helicopter. In a news conference held Tuesday morning, Chief Weir said that the latest word he had was that Mrs. Clark was recovering from the gunshot wounds.

Chief Weir said that it is not known what touched off the incident, but that there had been a long history of domestic violence involving the Clarks, with several police calls to the residence over the years, and that Mr. Clark had previously been charged with domestic violence. Weir stated that he believed the couple divorced about two months ago, and that she had full custody of the children while he had visitation rights. According to Weir, the couple had three children, ages five through eight. They are reportedly staying with relatives in the area. The children were still in school and not present at the time of the incident.

The second incident

Hudson Police Charles Weir said that an immediate call was put out to look for Mr. Clark, who had fled the scene. Officers from the Morenci Police Department, the Lenawee and Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Departments and the Michigan State Police were soon involved in the search for the 1995 Chevrolet pickup truck Mr. Clark was believed to be driving.

About two and a half hours later, according to Michigan State Police Lieutenant Jim Shaw, an off-duty Clayton fireman reported a vehicle meeting the description of Mr. Shaw’s vehicle driving erratically near Pittsford. A number of police officers responded to the report, and the vehicle was soon located.

According to Shaw, officers reportedly attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver fled and led officers on a pursuit of several miles, ending when Mr. Clark attempted to pull into the driveway of his resident on Church Road, west of US-127. The pursuing officers allegedly did not want Clark to enter the residence, for fear of getting into a hostage or barricaded situation, so attempted to block Mr. Clark’s pickup, resulting in Clark allegedly hitting a Michigan State Police car, then ramming into a Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department car, shoving the car sideways into a deputy that was standing behind the vehicle.

Following the injury of the Hillsdale County deputy, shots were fired, resulting in the death of Mr. Clark, who was found in his vehicle along with an illegal short-barreled shotgun in his possession in the pickup truck. It was not announced if Clark had other weapons in his possession at the time.

At this time, the incident is under investigation by the Michigan State Police, and details such as how many shots were fired, by whom, and who fired first have not been released. However, all of the officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. These include two Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department Deputies, two from the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department, one Michigan State Police officer, and one Hudson officer. No names have been released, again pending the outcome of the investigation of the incident.

Shaw said that dash-camera tapes from the police vehicles involved may be of use in the investigation, as will examination of the weapons. An autopsy of Mr. Clark is planned for Lucas County on Wednesday. No time line for completion of the investigation has been announced.

A rare occurrence

Murders or attempted murders are exceedingly rare in Hudson and the surrounding area. The most recent was the June 2000 incident in which Justin James Gibson was convicted of the murder of his grandmother Betty Lou Myers of Posey Lake.

The most well-known was the July 1980 death of Shannon Mohr Davis southwest of Hudson, in a case that eventually was the subject of a book and several national television shows when it was discovered that rather than dying in an accident, Mrs. Davis was actually poisoned with a powerful horse tranquilizer. Her husband, David Davis, was captured in Samoa several years later and sentenced to life imprisonment.