Schools near end of deficit

May 19, 2011 —

The Hudson Area Schools Board of Education met Monday evening. At the meeting, Superintendent Mike Osborne said that while the district is the only one in the county that is operating at a deficit, the school district should be back in the black or close to it, assuming nothing too unexpected happens between now and the end of the budget year. “We’re in a real critical time,” Osborne told the board.

It was proposed that all administrative contracts be continued at the same pay scales pending notification of how large the state aid package will be this year, and finishing of the budget.

The board discussed in closed session negotiations on new contracts for teachers and staff.

The board also discussed a proposal to acknowledge the fact that if a continued deficit means the schools get assigned an emergency financial manager by the state, the manager would have broad powers to lay off teachers and cut salaries without being bound by a contract. Such an emergency financial manager would also have the power to dissolve or consolidate the district if they felt it was necessary.

The board noted that while the Hudson schools may be in financial difficulty, education continues at a high quality. In a recent banquet at Adrian College, the school had eleven senior scholar-athletes honored, more than any other county school. The award requires that students participate in a sport three out of four years, and two sports their senior year, while maintaining a 3.5 grade point average.