City gets big improvement in fire safety rating

May 11, 2011 —

Hudson City Manager Steve Hartsel says that the Public Protection Classification (PPC) undertaken last fall resulted in an improvement of fire safety ratings for the Hudson Fire District.

The inspection, which included such things and the equipment and training the fire department has and the water distribution system, may have an effect of homeowners insurance races, Hartsel said. “It depends on the insurance companies, but we hope this will help citizens save money on their fire insurance.”

“This sends a really clear cut signal to the insurance companies that this community has really taken their need to protect property seriously,” Hartsel said of the rating change.

The inspection by the ISO Corporation resulted in the fire safety rating being improved from a “Class 7″ to a “Class 5.”

“I was really hoping for a single grade improvement,” Hartsel said. “I really did not expect it to go down two grades, but I was very happy to see the results.”

The fire safety rating was not improved for areas more than a thousand feet from a fire hydrant, but Fire Chief Jerry Tanner Jr. said that there may be a chance to improve this following tests planned for later in the summer.

Fewer that one fourth of the nation’s fire districts have a class 5 or better rating. Nationwide, the property loss for residential properties is 36 percent lower in a class 5 district than it is in a class 7. Commercial property losses are 32 percent less.

“That rating is definitely looked at by companies when they do their site selection process looking to locate new construction,” Hartsel said.

“We took the preparation for this inspection very seriously,” Hartsel said. “Everyone worked together in an effort to maximize our score.”

Hartsel praised the fire department for their efforts in getting the higher rating, and said that much of the improvement was a result of their efforts.

It was the first time in over a decade that the inspection had been carried out in Hudson. “We’ll have this rating for at least ten years,” Hartsel said. “This is really outstanding to achieve with a volunteer fire department.”