Council approves new tornado siren

June 22, 2011 —

At their meeting Tuesday evening, the Hudson City Council approved the purchase and installation of a new tornado siren, to be located near the high school.

The city’s existing siren, which is about forty years old, has been giving much trouble in recent years, and did not work correctly at the first tornado siren test back in March. Subsequently, the siren was repaired, but its lifetime is probably limited.

After considerable study, Fire Chief Jerry Tanner Jr. and Jeff DuPilka, president of the West Shore Services, the state’s only major supplier of sirens, surveyed the city and recommended that a second siren be installed, partly to be able to serve as a backup in case of failure of the main siren, and to place it in a part of town that would enhance the possibility of notification of the public. They proposed a new $19,900 siren, and a new narrowband control board that would allow remote activation of the existing siren.

Chief Tanner said that for a number of reasons, the location at the high school would allow better protection to the community.

Funding for the new siren will mostly come from the income tax fund, which has had better than projected revenues this year. In addition, West Shore offered to purchase the recently decommissioned Engine 7 for $2,000, to be used as a children’s educational vehicle.

At some point in the future, the city plans replacement of the existing siren, which would allow it to be used for fire calls once again.

The council approved the purchase by a 5-1 margin, with Mayor Smoke voting against the proposal and Councilman Lee Daugherty absent.

In other business, the council approved an agreement with Fleis and Vandenbrink to provide design and engineering services for repaving sections of Tiffin and Division Streets. The Tiffin Street project would be paid for out of the local street fund and by income tax. The Division Street repaving would come from the state supported major street fund.

The council also:

– Approved an extension of the lease of the city-owned building at 217 W. Main St.

– Authorized the closing of part of Lane St. on July 30 for the Fireman’s Field Day events.

– Approved the appointment of Steve Bloomer as Assistant Fire Chief.

– Approved the purchase of ferrious chloride for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

– Approved fire and rescue contract extensions for Hudson and Medina Townships.

– Authorized the first payment to Belson Asphalt Paving to begin paving the Findlay Trail, which is to begin this week.

– Approved purchasing fencing for the Jackson Street Lift Station.