Next bond request to be lower

July 13, 2011 —

Disappointed by the close defeat of the bond request back in May, members of the Committee for Securing Hudson Area’s Future made a proposal to Monday night’s meeting on the Hudson Area School Board that a new bond request be sought for the November election.

The committee proposed to the school board that a new bond request be for a lower dollar figure, approximately $7.5 million compared to the $8.3 million of the May request.

There was some trimming done to develop the lower numbers of the request. The biggest cuts were in the request for Thompson Field, reducing the numbers to those needed for only the most critical safety needs. These include bringing the visitor bleachers to code, safety renovations to the press box, and replacing the electrical service, poles and lights. The committee proposed requesting $285,000, in comparison to the $882,000 of the spring request.

$354,000 was cut from the proposal for the middle school and high school, mostly paving and grading work. An additional $52,000 was saved in paving work at Lincoln School.

The board did not act on the request. It will have to file a preliminary request for the bond proposal, and call the election itself. If held, the election would be on November 8.

In other business, the board held their annual organizational meeting. Rex Murphy was named Board President, John Enerson Vice-President, Marsha Evenson Secretary, and Mike Borton Treasurer.

The board was also told by High School Principal Lance Horwath that Michigan Merit Exam scores were up across the board: math by 5%, social studies by 19%, and language arts by 1%.

The board also approved a new way of determining requirements for student promotions in middle school, and discussed a new alternative education program aimed at helping marginal students graduate with their class.