Dennis and Pam Smoke honored for community service

March 12, 2015 —

With over 85 friends and family in attendance, Pam and Dennis Smoke still insisted they didn’t deserve to be named the 2015 Spirit of Hudson Award recipients. The Smoke’s were honored at this year’s Hudson Foundation Annual Dinner and Award ceremony on Saturday night at the Legion. The community of Hudson begs to differ. If for nothing else, hundreds of Hudson youngsters would say that some of their fondest (or it is worst?) memories are of Halloween at the Smoke’s. The Smoke’s Halloween House has become a tradition that generations will remember for a life time.

The Murder Mysteries, spearheaded by Pam, have also become a Hudson tradition. Whether benefitting the Hudson Carnegie District Library, Hudson Museum, or the Thompson House Museum and Gardens, the Murder Mysteries have entertained hundreds of Hudsonites for years. Speaking of Murder Mysteries Abby Smoke, Dave Rickard, and Josh Stiverson entertained the crowd with selections from past Murder Mysteries. While the audience was supposed to guess which play the song had come from, Dennis was convinced they all came from the Circus themed play. Typical Dennis, always the jokester.

Except when it came to accepting the award. Dennis and Pam were both visibly humbled by receiving the award. And that is the essence of the Spirit of Hudson Award. While there are many, many people deserving, no one seeks the recognition. Thank you Pam and Dennis for making Hudson a better place.