Science, engineering, fun! It’s happened, again!

April 16, 2015 —

The fictitious town of Smallville had not one, but two bridges collapse! The North Side Bridge of Foamy Falls and the South Side Bridge both collapsed! Smallville sent out a call to engineering companies to design two bridges for Foamy Falls.

Mrs. Reilly and Mrs. Kirkland’s fifth grade classes became civil engineers and learned about bridge building. The project involved using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). These amazing fifth graders had to design a bridge that was 45cm long, and it had to support the weight of a baseball when rolled across the bridge. The only materials these engineers could use were straws, straight pins, and tape. They also had a $25 budget to purchase their supplies with.

The engineers had to research what type of bridge they wanted to build. They had to draw up designs to follow, and then they had to present their bridge to the Town Council of Smallville.

The winning design for the North Side Bridge was Bryanna Borck and Haydyn Deck. The winning design for the South Side Bridge was Chloe Bentley and Connor Rowe.

All of the students synergized (worked well together), problem solved, and used their knowledge to create their bridges.