City studies golf carts on streets

May 7, 2015 —

The Hudson City Council and the Planning Commission have been considering how to react to a new law that allows cities under the population of 30,000 to allow the operation of golf carts on city streets, subject to certain restrictions. Among these are a minimum age of 16 and being a licensed driver, a speed limit of 15 mph, no driving on state trunk line roads (except to cross) or on roads with a speed limit of over 30 mph, and no use between a half-hour before sunset and a half-hour after sunrise. The legislation would not apply to other off-road or all-terrain vehicles.

A report to the City Council presented Tuesday night supports the law with additional restrictions, which the cities are allowed to add. Among those discussed are a minimum age of 18, prohibiting use on the city trail system, and only during authorized periods, such as festivals, and having a list of approved vehicles with some kind of city registration.

No decision has been reached on action, and the council only discussed it Tuesday, but the topic is expected to come up at a future date.
Council also had a busy agenda with several other items on Tuesday.

Considerable time was taken hearing a report from Fleis and Vandenbrink on the progress of the S2 sewer inspection update. Studies done last summer indicate that the infiltration of storm water into the waste water treatment plant is not directly related to rainfall, but to the height of Bean Creek — when the creek hit a certain level, the flows into the plant spike. This points at some point near the creek where water can spill into the system, but where the point is still not certain.

Council also authorized the 2015-16 city budget with no tax increase, approved a resolution calling on the state to enhance procedures for local income tax collection, and authorized repair parts for the Waste Water Treatment Plant.