Main Street Florist closing

June 4, 2015 —

Main Street Florist in Hudson is no more, although DZ Laser Tag and Hudson Cinema will remain open. Owner Heather Hall announced last week that she will be retiring from the flower business, and her husband Robert Hall will be retiring from the custom framing business, to pursue her dream of providing care and respite for special needs and foster families. Their last day filling flower orders was Friday, May 29.

“After months of prayer and realizing God’s will, Rob and I have come to the realization that we are equipped and led to help kids.” Once the remaining inventory of the businesses has been sold, they will be endeavoring to open a special center that is “one part daycare, one part respite, one part COSI (hands-on learning for children).”

The eventual goal is to have a facility available not only to provide care and respite for children and families, but also to provide babysitting during movies, a public play place for parents and other daycare providers to bring children to play, and so on. “We will eventually incorporate our garden and farm into all the planned activities,” Heather added, “But all of that is a while away. We will smart small and grow through the next year or two.”

DZ Laser Tag and Hudson Cinema will remain open and continue to be ongoing endeavors for the Halls, and there are no plans for any changes to the two businesses also housed in the complex and owned by the couple. A going-out-of-business sale is currently ongoing, Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Halls hope their new care business will be open sometime late summer to early fall.

“What a wonderful journey it has been!” said Heather. “We thank all our customers who have supported us through the years.” From now on, they are referring their customers to The Blossom Shop in Hillsdale, who will be making daily deliveries to Hudson.