Cars for Kids car show helps Christmas giving

June 25, 2015 —

The annual Cars for Kids car show held at the Market House last weekend raised a little over $2000. The money goes toward food and presents for needy kids at Christmas time. Organizers Jerry and Ella Green said that each child gets five gifts and each adult gets three, and they get all the food they need for Christmas dinner plus a little extra. The Green’s find families through the school, which provides them with a list of names.

“We really enjoy doing this because families need help. And once school starts, we start thinking about Christmas. We had more people show up this year than last year, and had more kids activities and everything,” said Jerry Green

This year there were sixty-nine registered cars at the event. “Turnout was great even with the rainy weather,” Green said. “We had one car come in from Otter Lake, and another from down south of Liberty Center, and Bryan and Defiance, Quincy, Adrian.”

The Greens said that as of right now they think they have enough money to do eleven or twelve families this year. They like to run between forty and forty-five kids, but have done fifty-eight one year.

The car show, and the gift giving, are a strictly family affair, with Jerry and Ella Green helping out Mr. and Mrs. Claus around Christmas-time, visiting everyone in the area. Great-grandkids accompany down to Pioneer, and even their dentist is showing up for their visit to Pioneer, OH.