Schools get set to open

August 13, 2015 —

It’s August, and that means that school opening isn’t far away.

Teachers are starting to get classrooms set up for the year, and will report for preschool sessions on August 31. Schools will open on September 8, late because of Labor Day.

School Superintendent Dr. Michael Osborne said that the theme for this year at Hudson will be “Raising the B.A.R.” — “B.A.R” standing for Belonging, Achievements, and Relationships.

Osborne said, “We want to create a sense of belonging, but how do you develop that? Through relationships. And those relationships help kids to achieve.” Now that the school has come out the other side of the deficit, the emphasis is restoring the sense of belonging to the staff, students and community.

There are some new courses being offered at Hudson Area Schools this year, including a new Mechatronics program to be offered at the Center for Science and Industry. The program will give students the option of getting a physics credit.

The school administration has also been working toward refilling positions that had to be cut during the fiscal crisis. Three new teachers have been added: Anthony Barron, 2nd Grade Elementary Teacher; Rosanne Kopin, 5th Grade Elementary Teacher; Bob Jones, SMCSI Instructor, Tecumseh Facility

Ben Mitchell will be going to the high school to teach art classes, with some focus on digital classes. The new classes are Digital Communication and Collaboration, and Computer Game Design.

Jennifer Mason is doing an engineering design program called “Project Lead the Way.” Everyone in the county has Project Lead the Way courses, but this one has an engineering focus, and will allow non-CSI students to get an elective in a CSI-type course in advanced physics. “It’s definitely a course that is aimed at someone who wants to go on to a 4 year degree in engineering,” said Osborne. She is one of the few certified teachers in this are in the region.

One of the biggest efforts in the district this year is “The Leader in Me,” started in the elementary. The program is based on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective Leadership, and is an effort to change the culture of the building. It includes training that both the teachers and the students have undergone, and evaluation from “The Leader in Me” program staff. Though it started the elementary, the administration is trying to work it into the MS/HS buildings as elementary students progress. The emphasis is on developing leadership, and while other schools are doing elements of it, Hudson is fully embracing the program.

Osborne also addressed the fact that the schools will no longer be using the ACT for testing for college bound students, and instead will be using the SAT instead. As a consequence, the school will be offering SAT test prep courses for the 10th through 12th grade students.