Short film “Derelicts” shows sense of community

September 22, 2011 —

The first screening for the short film created by Pittsford resident Jen Letherer, Derelicts, was held Friday night at the Hudson Cinema with a full house.

The film, a story about three seniors who discover small moments in their life that remind them that they are alone, but not lonely, was intended to celebrate the overlooked, the simple, and the compellingly ordinary. It comes from a place where community and tradition are alive and well in every wheat field, church picnic and antique auction. In the film, each of the characters discovers something out of their life that marks a place in their journey forward, not just another day put out to pasture.

The film was a clear homage to the characteristics that make small town America great, and was incredibly moving, sparking tears at some points, and laughter at others. Production took place over this summer, and featured local talent and the film was shot on location in and around Hudson, featuring Karen’s Uptown Kafe and the Hudson Fire Department, which both were featured in different cameos.

Jen Letherer is a lifelong resident of Wheatland Township, and is a graduate of Pittsford High School, Siena Heights University and Boston University. She is currently an associate professor at Spring Arbor University, teaching courses in drama, writing and film. She still lives on her paternal great-grandfather’s farm on Gardner Road, and is a member of the Hudson Wesleyan Church.

Jen took questions after the screening on Friday, and let the audience know of her intentions to take the short film to film festivals in the near future, though no plans are currently concrete. For more information about the short film Derelicts, please see the website