Pleasant Street Repair Options Under Study

September 22, 2011 —

Pleasant Street is considered to be the street most in need of repair in Hudson, and although grant funding has been sought for rebuilding it, nothing has been successful. Following recent citizen complaints, the Hudson City Council asked Craig Shoemaker of Fleis and Vandenbrink to see what options could be taken to mitigate the $700,000 estimated expense of doing the necessary repairs by studying options short of total reconstruction.

Shoemaker told the council Tuesday evening that it would be possible to mill the section between Aldrich and Grove Streets, the part considered to be the worst, remove concrete under the pavement, and repave the street for $70,000. That repair might last for seven to ten years, he said, but would be mostly lost when the time came to do the complete reconstruction.

The whole street, from one end to the other, could be done for about $230,000.

“I don’t think we want to waste $70,000 when we’re just going to tear it back up in a few years,” said Mayor Dennis Smoke.

Another option is to do the repair the right way, but do it in phases. “Wouldn’t it be better to do it a little bit at a time and do it right?” said Councilman Lee Daugherty.

Shoemaker agreed to go back to the drawing board with that option, and report back to the Council when it next meets October 4.

It was also suggested at the meeting that a bond be taken out to do the project, but the terms are usually too long for bonds and the size of the project too small to mae it worthwhile.

In other business at the meeting, the council:

• Approved closing Main Street for the Homecoming Parade on the evening of September 30.
• Approved $1300 to have Flies and Vandenbrink develop a grant application for repaving the parking lots north of Main Street. A previous grant application for this project did not win approval.
• Approved Trick or Treating for 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Monday, October 31. The downtown Trick or Treat sponsored by the Hudson Chamber of Commerce will be Saturday, October 29, from 10:00 AM to noon.