Campaign ramps up for bond vote

October 12, 2011 —

With election day less than a month away, campaign activity for the Hudson Area Schools bond election is warming up.

After the millage election failed by a narrow margin last May, the Committee for Securing Hudson Area’s Future, the backers of the measure, took a look at what people had objected to in the May election, and, working with the Hudson Area School Board, developed a new downsized bond proposal that attempts to address the objections they heard.

Randy Darr, chairman of the committee, said, “The district provided solid feedback from the May election and the project has been adjusted accordingly. The community said make reductions in the areas of Thompson Field and Parking/Paving and we can support the project. That is exactly what has been done!”

Darr noted that the bond project is intended to make basic repairs, maintenance and replacement to buildings and mechanical systems built and installed in the 1950’s. “We will gain substantial improvements in energy efficiency and safety and security,” he said. “As a result, we will free up general fund money for educational programming as intended and as needed.”

The bond vote is not the only thing that will be on the November 8 ballot.

There will be an election forHudson; Namrata Carolan, Carmel Bloomer and incumbent Jim Steele will be running for two seats on the council.

There will also be a bond issue vote from the Lenawee Economic Development Corporation. They are seeking .28 mills for four years for providing services to promote job creation and economic development in the county.

Because of the LEDC bond proposal, all voters in Lenawee County will vote at their normal precinct locations as they would in any other general election. Anyone in Hillsdale County in the Hudson School District will vote at the Hudson Fire Station.