Children injured in Maple Grove accident

November 18, 2011 —

Two children are at home recovering from their injuries after they were struck by a car Thursday, November 10, at 7:19 a.m. by a 2007 Ford Expedition traveling southbound on North Maple Grove. Both children were transported to Bixby Hospital by Hudson Ambulance. The driver, Anissa Holtz, 38, of Hudson, was not injured.

Police Chief Charles Weir reported that the children were on their way to school at the time of the incident, and that the police department does not believe the driver was at fault for the crash. “It’s one of those things that was truly an accident,” reported Weir.

“We are asking parents and guardians of children that walk to school to take the time and stress the importance of traffic safety when walking to school,” said Weir. “Have them cross at intersections and crosswalks only. Wear bright or reflective clothing. If you can, walk your young children to school or across that busy roadway.”

“Drivers should always expect children to do the unexpected when they are by the roadway,” continued Weir. “Please be extra cautious.”