School work being planned

December 5, 2011 —

After passage of the bond issue a month ago, work has been under way on the actual planning of what will be done at the schools.

At the last meeting of the Hudson Area School Board, a construction coordinator for the project was named, said Hudson School Superintendent Michael Osborne. After considerable discussion it was decided to use Dailey Engineering Inc. of Onsted.

“Granger Construction helped us plan the bond issue following a facility audit, and helped in taking things to the Michigan Department of the Treasury,” Osborne said. “We would want to use someone like Granger if we were building a new building, but we would have been a small project for Granger and a big project for Dailey.”

Osborne explained that costs were a function of the decision — using the smaller, more local firm could save the district from $240,000 to a million dollars.

“We spent a lot of time researching both companies,” Osborne said. “Dailey has done a lot of smaller projects for the ISD, and the ISD has been very happen with the work and the attention they get. Todd Dailey also had some good ideas about additional savings as the project is developed, and setting the project up in order to make bidding more available to local companies. He also felt we had specific areas with design of work to make it a more quality project.”

Deciding what needs to be done involves more than price, Osborne said. “Whatever we do we want to do well. We don’t want to purchase boilers and ten years from now find out they aren’t up to quality. The newer doors in the schools cause problems, the 1957 doors are the ones that hold up”

Even though the bond issue was passed by the voters, it’s still going to be a while before actual work gets started, the superintendent explained. “Two major things going on right now are planning for construction, and the financial portion of it. The bonds will be going to sale in February, and money should be available in March. Work could begin about that time, especially for things like ordering buses and new technology, and electrical work at Thompson Field. Weather and access to the building will be the main concern.”

There’s other work being considered that reaches beyond the projects authorized by the bond issue. “Over the next few months we are trying to work on giving alumni and local people ways to support things at the school on other projects that weren’t included in the bond issue, things like new fencing, the scoreboard, and the sign. We feel it can add a lot to the community.”