Audit reports city books in good shape

December 8, 2011 —

The Hudson City Council received their annual audit report from Auditor Phil Rubley at their meeting on Tuesday evening.

All in all, the report was good news for the city. The city would up with a slight increase in fund balance after all depreciations and other factors were figured in.

Rubley’s recommendation for many years is that the city retain reserves in the General Fund sufficient to operate for three months, and in some years in the past this has been difficult to impossible. However, in spite of the difficult times, tight fiscal managment has meant that the city is close to the goal this year.

Not surprisingly, the amount of income in the city income tax fund has declined in the past few years due to declining population and the general economic situation, but tight use of the money meant a small increase in the fund this year.

Rubley noted that the ambulance fund, which has been difficult in the past, this year can be considered a bright spot, partly due to better reporting. The utility fund also improved.

To top it off, no minor funds were operating in deficit last year. All in all, it was one of the best audit reports the city has received in several years. When everything was said and done, the general fund came out with a positive balance of $29,000 this year, which compares to a deficit last year of $109,000.

The city didn’t come off looking quite as well in the Citizen’s Guide and Dashboard, said City Treasurer Marsha Willett. This report, required for the first time this year, contrasts the city’s fiscal performance in several areas compared to the population of the city. Since the city lost over 100 in population in the 2010 census, virtually all areas where per capita results were shown, the city declined from last year. However, in another year, when the population change won’t matter, the city should look better, Willetts said.

In other business at Tuesday’s meetin the Council:

• Heard a presentation about a proposal to change the Waste Water Treatment Plant from a chemical to an ultraviolet disinfection system. The costs of the two systems are close to equal, but there is a safety benefit to the ultraviolet system.

• Passed a Resolution honoring Senior Citizens Center Gail Wetherell forher long service to the center.

• Set meeting dates for 2012.

• Approved seeking annual parade permits.