Treasured Christmas items on display at Hudson Museum

December 16, 2011 —

The Hudson Museum is now presenting two historical Christmas displays for the surrounding communities in their windows.

Nativity Scene: For about 70 years, Hudson displayed a creche, also known as the Nativity scene. It has been displayed at the municipal building, the M&S Manufacturing Co. personnel building, at the intersection of US 127 & M 34, the Meyer’s building and now finally at the museum. The Post-Gazette attributed the origin of the display to Elizabeth Moloney, Rita Winn and other women who raised money to purchase 15 plaster figurines. This would have been around 1938. Fred Williams built the wooden manger which was used to hold the display. In 1977 three of the figurines were stolen and have never been returned. In December 1978, the remaining 12 figurines were stolen creating community outrage. However, several weeks later they were found by Minister Don DeBoer behind the Baptist Church on E. Main Street. The museum is honored to preserve and again present the Nativity scene to the community.

Thompson Savings Bank Christmas Display: Not seen for years are two Christmas dioramas purchased in 1953 by Thompson Bank from Gregory Motors of Brooklyn, N.Y. (The museum has the original boxes.) These vintage and collectible dioramas are an early example of an animated window display. Before ‘big-box’ stores and internet shopping, small businesses attracted customers with displays of this type as seen in the museum window. Only one of the dioramas is operable and it is set on a timer to run from 6-9 p.m. It can be manually activated for anyone interested in viewing its operation.

Inside, the Museum is decorated for the holiday season. Why not stop by and look around? No admission, just come on in.