New tech comes to Lincoln

March 28, 2012 —

Technology keeps changing, and the changes are making classrooms change along with it.

LincolnSchoolhas just received it’s new order of IPads and an IPad docking station that will allow kids in the school to take advantage of several apps that will help their learning in various ways.

The equipment was paid for in several ways — mostly grant funded, with local match supported by the Lincoln School Dance-A-Thon last fall,LincolnSchoolbook fairs, and the Lincoln Parents Group, which bought a MacBook and other supporting equipment that will be used with the new technology.

The IPads are not exactly strange to the students atLincoln– they’ve been using older IPods for some time, but the larger screens and wider range of apps will give them even more learning opportunities.

“They will be especially useful for special needs students,” says music teacher Amy Roberts, who will be using the devices to help in music teaching. who explains that there are apps that can be tailored to meet individual needs.

In addition, Mrs. Roberts explains that the flexibility of the units can be used in many different ways. “There’s no way we could buy keyboards for thirty students to practice on,” she explains, “But there are apps on the IPads that will give the kids a chance to understand keyboarding.”

The equipment is new — it only arrived atLincolnthis week, and teachers and other staff will be given a training session Wednesday to show them something of how to use it.

The thin, lightweight devices are normallly stored in a moveable docking station, which allows one computer to put new apps or updates on each individual I-Pad simultaneously.

And how do the kids like it? Most haven’t had a chance to work with the units yet, but a few have, and they like it just fine. “I want to work with it some more,” one said.