DDA plans paint project

April 27, 2012 —

The Hudson Downtown Development Authority is planning to support a paint project in the downtown this summer. The program will give up to $1000 for reimbursement for paint used in fixing up commercial or residential buildings in the Downtown Development Authority district, which generally consists of Main Street from Maple Grove to US-127 and the immediate blocks to either side, plus along the commercial part of US-127. Building have to be painted in historical colors and must meet other requirements. Contact the city hall for details.

Beyond the paint project, there are some other summer projects getting going downtown. The various facade projects along Main Street are getting under way. These include 300-304 West Main Street (Subway and All God’s Gifts); the Steger building (Decker Insurance), the Make-N-Waves building and the old Bank of Lenawee building on the Main Four Corners, all of which expect to be completed this summer.