New video equipment to be on Hudson school buses

May 23, 2012 —

The Hudson Area Schools Transportation Department is in the process of installing video cameras on each bus in the fleet. Installation will be complete before the end of the school year. In previous years video cameras have been used periodically on the buses to monitor student behavior. The use of video cameras is being expanded to a standard operation for all buses in the Hudson Area School district.

The camera will be used as a tool to monitor the behavior and health of students during the bus transportation portion of their day. This is an additional resource being used to protect the security and safety of the students and transportation staff.

“We hope that the use of the cameras will continue to help us provide useful information in support of our student’s education and safety,” said Mike Osborne, Superintendent.

If you have questions about the video surveillance equipment please call the Hudson Board Office at (517)448-8912 ext. 227.