Principal Recognition Week February 14 -20, 2010

February 18, 2010 —

This week is PRINCIPAL RECOGNITION WEEK. Hudson Area Schools is very proud of all of our faculty and staff, but this week we have the opportunity to recognize two important educational leaders for our school district. They are a critical part of our administrative team and completely dedicated to the success of our students, support of our staff and future of our community. Please join me in recognizing the building principals of Hudson Area Schools Mrs. Cynthia Godfrey and Mr. Lance Horwath.

Mrs. Cynthia Godfrey – Lincoln Elementary Principal

Mrs. Godfrey has been a part of Hudson Area Schools for 22 years and Principal of Lincoln Elementary since 2003. Over the past 22 years, Mrs. Godfrey has served as Title 1 Aide, 3rd, 2nd, 1st grade teacher, Assistant Principal, Curriculum Director, Grant Writer and Coordinator, Title 1 Director and now Lincoln Elementary Principal. Mrs. Godfrey is a dedicated educator that is passionate about each student’s success. She pursued a career in education because it gave her an opportunity to guide children in creating positive and productive lives for themselves.

Over the years, Mrs. Godfrey’s work has made a great impact on Hudson Area Schools. One of the greatest accomplishments was working with Lincoln faculty to bring the building State report card grade to an “A”! Mrs. Godfrey and her family have lived in the area for years and are very dedicated to the community and school district. She likes how people in our district work together for the success of children, and she believes that our community motto, “Small Town-Big Heart”, describes our community appropriately. Her message to students is “A mistake is only a mistake if you do not learn from the experience. Each day is an opportunity to learn and make someone else’s day better because they had the fortune of coming in contact with you!”

Mr. Lance Horwath – Hudson Area Schools Middle School and High School Principal

Mr. Horwath has been in education for 14 years. He has served in Hudson for 3 years and just this year has become Principal of the middle school and high school. Over the years, he has served as a middle school social studies teacher, Assistant Principal and now Principal. Mr. Horwath has a passion for student success. As a teacher, he enjoyed working directly with students academically and now as Principal, he enjoys have the opportunity to work with all the students in the school district. Mr. Horwath is very familiar with Hudson Area Schools having been raised in Waldron.

What he loves most about Hudson is that in the school district, we have great students and staff, and an extremely positive culture. In addition, he appreciates that the community is safe and a wonderful place to raise kids. Mr. Horwath often expresses that as an educational leader what brings him the most satisfaction is to work with students who are struggling and to see them grow and mature and to be successful in school and in life.
His message to students is also a principle he lives by “live your life in service to others.”

Let’s celebrate the excellent leadership your children have! If you see either Mrs. Godfrey or Mr. Horwath, please let them know they are appreciated.