Bean Creek Festival cancelled

August 28, 2014 —

Even as recently as this weekend, there had been hopes that the Bean Creek Festival would happen on September 6 as originally scheduled.
It didn’t work out.

Festival Coordinator Joann Crater announced Monday afternoon that for several reasons, the festival would have to be cancelled. The primary cause of the cancellation was the inability to come up with a band on short notice, but other factors were cited, as well.

Planning for the festival had been shaky for months, with only a very small number of volunteers offering their assistance to help out with the festival.

“With the number of people in Hudson it’s a shame we can’t get eight or ten people together to put on a festival for the benefit of the community,” said Jim Steele, who had been coordinating the parade plans.

The festival was first developed over ten years ago, to take up the slack left when the Hudson Grange Fair couldn’t be continued. It has been moderately successful, but in recent years the lack of volunteers to assist with various facets of the festival has been a growing problem.

Mrs. Crater said that there is hope that the festival can be revived next year. It is planned that the Hudson Chamber of Commerce will be taking over the festival, so it’s hoped that with the chamber involved new doors will be opened for volunteers and management.

In the past the city has been very helpful with the festival, especially volunteers among city employees, but the festival has been an independent event, not sponsored directly by the city.

Anyone who has comments or would like to help out with next year’s festival should contact Joann Crater at 448-3801.