City declines on more library funds

August 4, 2014 —

After considerable discussion at Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Hudson City Council, the council decided to not provide the Hudson Carnegie District Library with extra funds to tide them over until property tax funds are received in December.

When the millage was passed at a vote on August 5, the funding of the library moved from being the responsibility of the city to tax money received by the library, a period of about four months. At the last meeting of the Council, a request was made for the city to fill in the gap.

On Tuesday, City Treasurer Marcia Willitt told the council that after review of the library’s financial status that the library had sufficient reserve funds to carry them over. Although there was a long discussion on the issue, ultimately the council voted to not provide sufficient funds at this time — but the council also voted to consider a future request should financial difficulties arise between now and the time the tax money is received.

Willitt told the council that in her projections, the library’s fund balance should increase over the next year, assuming other factors remain the same.

In other business at the meeting, the council held hearings on whether to demolish two dilapidated houses in the city.

In the first, 207 E. Main Street, the council allowed the owners until October 21 to secure the building, clean up the place, and to make arrangements to bring the building up to code. In the second, 105 Lincoln Street, the council allowed the owner until October 7 to salvage items from the building, and to explore whether the building is repairable at all.

Even if the city moves to demolish the structure, it could take months before the work could take place.

The council also:

Approved the purchase of new turnout equipment for firefighters, and the purchase of video equipment for the new police patrol vehicle.

Approved a new agreement with Hudson township for providing ALS ambulance services in the township.